How football became a life-changing event for street child Drika

by | Sep 6, 2022 | World

Drika led Team Brazil to the 2014 Street Child United World Cup glory in 2014. She comes from Serra Caída, a small village in Sergipe located in the north of Brazil. Growing up with her grandparents in a small house, she did not have a lot of money, luxury or basic things, including a stove, lights, tv or many toys. Here, she tells her story of how football inspired her and took her to a future she had never imagined.
I started playing football with my aunts and cousins when I was seven. That’s the only thing I could do.
I just woke up and played football… to have fun. I didn’t have anything else to do in life.
After the death of my grandmother, I moved to Rio when I was 13. I went to live with my mother and stepfather. We didn’t have that mother-daughter bond because I was not raised by her and I didn’t remember the last time we met.
In the village, life was difficult but I was happy. I was free. I could go out and play with my friends on the streets. But things changed when I moved to Rio. It was very different. I didn’t have my freedom, there were people with big guns and I saw lots of violen …

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