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by | Sep 7, 2022 | Business

(Image credit: Deb Dowd/Unsplash)A few years ago in this space I reflected upon my old Datsun 210 hatchback, and how when it’s battery died I could get it running again with a simple kickstart. All I needed was a few friends to give the car a push and help me generate some forward motion so I could pop the clutch and restart the engine. The point I was trying to illustrate was that momentum beats perfection, not only for dead batteries but for business. 
I thought about the metaphor again when I found myself explaining to someone how to find our new office. It’s on a side street that she likely hadn’t heard of, tucked away a block behind a well-known intersection. I gave her the address, but I knew that information alone would require her to take the extra step of looking it up on her phone while she was driving. By telling her where my office was in relation to a couple of major thoroughfares, however, I knew she would be able to picture the area in her mind and find it without a problem. 
It’s interesting that when we’re giving people directions, we often reference intersections rather than addresses alone. An address provides more specific information, but it’s not necessarily more helpful. 
An address is precise but abstract. My mother the real estate agent seemed to be able to visualize the location of pretty much any address she was given, but that’s because driving the streets of our city was vital to what she did for a living. Most people wouldn’t know the difference between the 300 block and the 1300 block of any roadway unless the cross streets themselves are numbered (and sometimes not even then). 
Intersections, however, are different. We can visualize them. And once we do, we not only know in what general direction to h …

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