How Much Is an Education Worth to You? – Adventist Review

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Education

Would you defy your family to go to school? Would you go against the grain of social expectations to achieve your dream? How much is an education worth to you?Aïchatou Adamou is going against the grain with strong support from her mother, Zeinabou. For Aïchatou, the dream is independence, and education is the way to secure it.Aïchatou lives in rural Niger, where the obstacles to education are numerous. Long and potentially dangerous distances to schools discourage parents from sending their children. A lack of support for the schools, as well as supplies for the students, hinders attendance. Due to poverty, children are often needed to help support their families, leading them to leave school at a young age.For girls, there is added complexity. Gender norms and family and social expectations don’t value girls’ education. Instead, girls are forced to marry young and rely on their husbands. Yet, many of these children, along with some of their family and community, yearn for a better life. Education is a proven way to break the cycle of poverty and the perpetuation of injustice. Through the BRIGHT project, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has partnered with communities in Niger, Sudan, and Myanmar to make education more accessible …

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