How To Prepare for Your CPR Training Online

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Jobs Featured

CPR training is an important part of preparing for a career in the medical field. However, finding the time to attend a class in person can be challenging. Luckily, there are now a number of online CPR training courses available. Keep reading to learn more about preparing for CPR training online.

How can you get certified in CPR training online?


According to the American Heart Association, approximately 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur annually in the United States. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique that can be used to help maintain blood flow to the heart and brain until emergency medical personnel arrive. To be certified in CPR, you must complete a training course. You can find many of these courses online.

Before enrolling in an online CPR course, make sure that it’s accredited by the American Heart Association or another reputable organization. The course should also include hands-on practice sessions so that you can become comfortable with performing CPR on a real person. Be sure to review the course material carefully and ask questions if you do not understand something. Once you have completed the course, keep your certification current by taking a refresher course every two years.

What are some ways to prepare for CPR training?

The best way to prepare for online CPR training is to take a practice test. There are many practice tests available online, most of which are free. The practice test will help you determine what you already know and still need to learn. It will also help you become more comfortable with the material.

Other ways to prepare for CPR training online include reading the material thoroughly and watching video tutorials. Watching video tutorials can be especially helpful because it allows you to see how the techniques are performed.

Finally, don’t forget to review the basic steps of CPR: checking the victim’s pulse, opening the airway, delivering rescue breaths, and performing chest compressions. Knowing these steps inside out will help ensure that you can provide lifesaving assistance in an emergency.

What can I expect to cover in a CPR training course?


The first step to preparing for your CPR training online is familiarizing yourself with the material. This means reading through the entire course outline and taking note of any topics that you don’t understand. Once you have a general idea of what will be covered, take some time to research those specific topics. Many online resources, such as articles, videos, and quizzes, can help you learn more about CPR. Some of the topics that you can expect to cover in a CPR certification course include:

  • The difference between CPR and first aid
  • How to check a victim for signs of life
  • How to give CPR to an adult, child, or infant
  • How to use an AED
  • How to perform CPR with a mask
  • How to deal with choking emergencies
  • How to provide emergency care for a victim of a seizure
  • How to care for a victim of a burn
  • How to deal with a cardiac arrest

Review the test questions provided by your training provider and ensure you understand how to answer them correctly. The more prepared you are going into your CPR training online course, the better chance you have of passing it with flying colors. In addition to studying the material, it’s also important to be physically prepared for your CPR certification. This means that you should be in good physical condition and able to perform CPR for an extended period. If you have any doubts about your ability to perform CPR, it’s best to consult your doctor before registering for a course.

Preparing for your CPR course is important to feel confident and ready for your certification. Altogether, the tips provided in this article can help you feel fully prepared for your training and certification.

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