How Zesty aims to meet cloud infrastructure management challenges

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Technology

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The cloud wave has been on the rise for a while now. According to Palo Alto Networks, nearly 70% of organizations currently host more than half of their workloads in the cloud, and the overall adoption has witnessed 25% growth in the past year.

A big reason behind rapid cloud adoption is the opportunity to reduce IT infrastructure costs. In the cloud, IT leaders and devops teams can easily right-size computing resources according to their unique business requirements and cut wasteful spending. The benefit is significant, especially for someone coming from on-premise infrastructure, but it also remains marred by certain gaps. 

Essentially, more often than not, teams are stuck with static cloud infrastructure, like discount program commitments or allocated storage volumes. This leaves them struggling to keep the resources aligned with the rapid pace of the modern business environment — and ultimately affects application performance.

“Devops engineers are stuck in the middle – trying to fit this dynamic reality into rigid infrastructure. They face limitations such as discount program commitments, pre-set storage volume capacity, CPU and RAM, all of which cannot be continuously adjusted to suit changing demand,” said Maxim Melamedov, the CEO and cofounder of Israel-based Zesty. “This results in countless wasted engineering hours attempting to predict and manually adjust cloud infrastructure, as well as billions of dollars thrown away each year.”

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