In the second half of 2022, key leaders emerge across diverse industries

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Technology

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What a difference half a year makes. Back in January, the world was still holding its collective breath, wondering how economies would recover from a global pandemic and recession.

That question has been answered, with innovators stepping forward to take multiple industries into new directions, including film, cyber security, ecommerce, and even sports betting.

Read on to learn about those entrepreneurs who are putting out new ideas and finding success even as the business space continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Where will you be six months from now? Perhaps the companies and leaders below will give you the inspiration to take you there.

Legit Security’s dedication to cybersecurity

Legit Security launched out of stealth in February 2022 with a cyber security solution to secure software supply chains used by organizations to build and release software applications. As cyber attacks to the software supply chain are projected to increase 3-6X over the next few years, the company has rolled out a free Rapid Risk Assessment to help protect organizations.

Legit Security has U.S. and Israeli offices, and is a member of OpenSSF and other security standards bodies where they are actively publishing open source security tools and related research to further software supply chain security.

Gambling revenue skyrockets: States put funds to good use

With gambling revenue at an all-time high ($53 Billion In 2021), more funds than ever are available for states to use on education, economic development, retirement programs, and fighting gambling addiction. Sports betting is soaring, hitting over $57 billion in 2021, a 165% increase from 2020, allowing states more funding.

Gambling revenue funds the a …

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