In Ukraine, humanitarian drones can save lives

by | Sep 9, 2022 | World

Since Russia’s invasion began, Ukraine’s allies have been sending UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) assistance.A crucial component of the war, the usage of drones is complex in legal and technical terms.
But as UAVs have continued to change modern warfare, humanitarian drones carry out vital missions in Ukraine to save lives.
When the war started on February 24, the non-profit Revived Soldiers Ukraine (RSU) contacted DraganFly, a North American-based drone company, to supply its cutting-edge technology.
The base rate for a Draganfly drone is $35,000, but add-ons such as thermal cameras can push costs upward of $80,000.
RSU raised funds to buy multiple units at a discounted rate and intends to use the drones for search and rescue operations, such as scouring destroyed civilian infrastructure for survivors after Russian bombardment.
“The AI camera systems on our drones can read people’s vital signs on the ground,” said DraganFly CEO Cameron Chell.
Delivery missions allow for drones to carry everything from medicine to medical equipment and Draganfly’s UAVs use drone-mounted cold chain systems to transport perishable products requiring refrigeration, such as insulin.
Draganfly recently partnered with the Ukrainian company Def-C to implement de-mining operations.
Landmines litter swaths of Ukrainian land, even after fighting pauses.
Mine-detecting drones are deployed with sensors that can detect ceramics, plas …

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