Living With Climate Change: Yes, it could happen to you. Like the water crisis in Jackson, Miss., other U.S. cities are vulnerable to climate-change disaster

by | Sep 10, 2022 | Stock Market

Most Americans easily flip on the water tap to wash their hands or quench their thirst. If they pay their monthly bill, which ranks comfortably low when compared to much of the world, vital water simply flows. Yet in Jackson, Miss., this week, and for the second time in a year, a weather-related disaster has shut off the water taps for much of its population of 150,000, before some improvement was reported Thursday.

Jackson is emblematic of a swelling water infrastructure crisis that many U.S. cities, suburbs and rural areas must prepare for, experts told MarketWatch.

“‘In the past, it might have made sense to consider a flood a rare and random event — communities could just build back. But the statistical distribution of weather events and natural disasters is shifting.’”

— Richard Roo …

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