Microsoft Teams vulnerability shows danger of collaboration apps

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Technology

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Microsoft Teams is perhaps the biggest enterprise communication platform in the world. It rose to prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic as a key space for enterprise users to maintain productivity.

Teams has over 270 million monthly active users. The pandemic helped accelerate the platform’s reach from 75 million users in April 2020 to 115 million in October 2020, and 145 million in April 2021.

Overall, Gartner recorded a 44% rise in workers’ use of collaboration tools since 2019, to the point where 80% of workers were using collaboration tools for work in 2021.

While these tools are convenient, their widespread use has opened the door to some serious vulnerabilities. 

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For example, according to research released by Vectra yesterday, versions of Teams for Windows, Mac and Linux are storing authentication tokens in plain text on the underlying device. This is significant because it means if an attacker hacks a system where Teams is installed they can gain access to authentication tokens along with other information. 

This vulnerability highlights that enterprises can’t afford to rely on the security of consumer-grade, public-grade communication platforms when they’re communicating sensitive information, IPs and other data. 

How bad is the Microsoft Teams vulnerability?  

This isn’t the first time that collaboration tools like Teams have received criticism for being insecure. At the start of this year, Avanan identified a significant uptick in cyberattacks taking place over Microsoft Teams, with threat actors using chats and channels to circulate malicious .e …

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