Modern Warfare II multiplayer impressions: The basic gameplay is solid

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Technology

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I played the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II multiplayer for quite a few hours this weekend, leveling my way up to 15 in the first beta for the game on the PlayStation 5 console. Made for the next generation, it’s one of the best-looking Call of Duty games yet.

I was impressed with the gameplay for the multiplayer, which will debut on October 28 alongside the single-player campaign for Modern Warfare II. The basic gameplay of multiplayer, where six human players square off against six others in infantry combat, is solid.

You can see some of my multiplayer rounds in the videos embedded in this story. Early on, I had real troubles staying alive in the game, and I thought this year’s title was different. But eventually, once I leveled up my gun some, I was able to even the score a bit.

We haven’t seen some of the deeper gameplay improvements like underwater fighting or vehicle chase combat yet, but the next-generation graphics on the PS5 were quite vivid and detailed. And after I figured out what was causing my initial network problems (the PS5 forgets that it has wired internet every now and then), I didn’t see a single instance where the beefed up graphics caused my machine to come to a crawl on the networking front. Instead, it worked quite well. I only had occasional crashes, but overall I was pretty happy with the ne …

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