Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can help you surf the bear market’s killer waves

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Stock Market

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This ‘single greatest predictor of future stock-market returns’ has fallen sharply — and that’s a bullish sign One caution: Monthly review of valuation indicators don’t yet point to a new bull market in stocks. Read MoreIf you’re selling stocks because the Fed is hiking interest rates, you may be suffering from ‘inflation illusion’ Forget everything you think you know about the relationship between interest rates and the stock market. Read MoreJosh Brown: ‘I don’t care what the NBER says … if people don’t get fired, then it’s not a recession’ Brown, ‘Compound & Friends’ cohost and CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, also said, ‘If you’re worried about housing, you’re worried about the right thing.’ Read MoreThis ETF manager’s tactical models are ‘as bearish as they could possibly be’ This week’s ETF Wrap spotlights how two ETFs are tactically positioned as they outperform a U.S. stock market grappling with a “dangerous” mix of high inflation and rising interest rates. Read MoreTesla, Take-Two and Exxon are among the exceptions to this big problem for stock prices Investors love to see steady increases in sales and profit estimates, but these have been declining for most sectors. Read MoreSeptember’s SAD tale: Seasonal Affective Disorder could explain why stocks are being hit hard this month End of summer strongly influences buyers’ moods . Read MoreStock buyers are still too bullish for the bear market to end Expect U.S. stock prices to fall below the June 2022 market low. Here’s why. Read MoreThe S&P 500 is oversold, but dangerous Also, a ‘sell’ signal for the VIX, and how to identify its next ‘buy’ signal. Read MoreIf the market passes this upcoming test, stocks will be poised to move higher. We’re not there yet. Investors still have too much confidence that the bear market is almost over. Read More$8-a-gallon gas? Brace for higher o …

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