NASA aims to launch new Artemis Moon rocket on Saturday

by | Sep 2, 2022 | World

Fuel leaks and a bad engine sensor foiled Monday’s attempt, managers say they have now addressed the problems.NASA ground teams at a space centre in Florida have begun final preparations to launch the next-generation Moon rocket on its debut test flight, five days after technical problems foiled an initial try.
The new Moon rocket is set to launch on Saturday, officials said, after fixing fuel leaks and working around a bad engine sensor.
Tests showed technicians appeared to have fixed a leaky fuel line that contributed to NASA’s decision to halt Monday’s initial launch operation, Jeremy Parsons, a deputy programme manager at the Kennedy Space Center, told reporters on Friday.
Two other key issues on the rocket itself – a faulty engine temperature sensor and some cracks in insulation foam – have largely been resolved, Artemis mission manager Mike Sarafin told reporters on Thursday night.
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Atop the rocket is a crew capsule with three test dummies that will fly around the Moon and back over the course of six weeks — NASA’s first such attempt since the Apollo programme 50 years ago. NASA wants to try out the spacecraft before strapping in astronauts on the next planned flight in two years.
If the first two Artemis missions succeed, NASA is aiming to land astronauts back on the Moon, including the first woman to set foot on the lunar surface, as early as 2025, though many experts believe that the time frame is likely to slip by a few years.
Twelve astronauts walked on the Moon during six Apollo missions from 1969 to 1972, the only spaceflights yet to place humans on the lunar surface.
Apollo grew out of the US-Soviet space race of the Cold War era, while NASA’s renewed lunar …

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