Outside the Box: Companies win when employees are in the office, but threats, orders and mind-numbing work won’t get them back

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Stock Market

In corporate boardrooms across the globe, lively debate is occurring around getting employees to return to the office. After more than two years of pandemic-forced remote work, many CEOs want employees in the office. Others have decided employees can work from home for as long as they want. Both sides have compelling arguments, and the corporate world is at an inflection point. “Back-to-the-office” executives say remote work is subpar for everyone: employees; companies and communities. They warn that over the medium-term, remote work reduces economic growth and innovation. They point out that making remote work permanent is a fundamentally different equation, with distinct risks for corporations.

“Remote-work” executives, meanwhile, describe self-examination and a shift in priorities during COVID, as workers seek an improved work/life balance. These advocates point to metrics showing that productivity has not suffered over the past couple of years, and remind us that they are still engaged in a war for talent.  If remote work is what it takes to attract and r …

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