Outside the Box: You work hard to pay off debt. Here’s the surprising secret that keeps you from backsliding as the economy slows

by | Sep 24, 2022 | Stock Market

Credit-card debt has surged 13% this past year — the largest increase in 20 years. If you find yourself with a growing amount of debt, you need to get yourself back on solid footing before it snowballs out of control. As I’ve learned from coaching thousands of people on how to shed credit-card debt and stay debt-free, the answer is more than cutting up the credit card.  

This mixture of mindset and behavior changes along with some crucial financial steps will get you there.   Change how you talk about money   To truly know your “money self,” pay attention to what you say and hear about it on the job, at home, while out with friends. There is often a tendency to focus on the negative. Change your language if you want to change your money attitudes, which is the first step in improving money’s place in our lives.   Start by using positive language around money today. Begin saying “I choose not to” buy this item or “Th …

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