People Experiencing Homelessness Found to Have Less COVID-19 Incidence Than General Population – Pharmacy Times

by | Sep 2, 2022 | COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted people experiencing homeless, though estimates remain unknown and highlights a need for more inclusive data.People experiencing homeless (PEH) had fewer total COVID-19 cases and incidence rates than the general population at state, district, and local levels, according to a cross-sectional study published in JAMA. Researchers evaluated primary outcomes for the number of PEH COVID-19 cases and compared incidence rates of COVID-19 cases between PEH and the general population of a shared geographical area.Although PEH experienced these lower rates, the results show that PEH should be considered in future infectious disease surveillance to understand how it affects marginalized groups, according to the investigators.“The findings suggest that opportunities exist for incorporating housing and homelessness status in infectious disease reporting to inform public health decision-making,” said study lead, Ashley Meehan, in a press release.PEH have a greater risk to contract infectious diseases, have behavioral health issues, and face chronic health conditions, according to the study. The crowds and turnover of homeless shelters creates an adequate environment for the spread of COVID-19. Although homeless shelters experienced severe outbreaks of COVID-19 during the first 6 months, researchers still do not fully understand how the disease impacted PEH.Limited timely and high-quality data for total cases of COVID-19 among PEH led researchers to conduct a cross-sectional s …

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