Report: Mobile app updates take longer than marketers expect

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Technology

More than 90% of developers and marketers say waiting to get app enhancements to market significantly impacts their business, and 96% of marketers are reliant on developer resources and app updates to improve user experiences.

A new Airship study found many companies still struggle to optimize mobile app experiences, failing to achieve the exponential value regularly cited in industry research* and quarterly earnings reports. 

*eMarketer found app users produce 3.5x more revenue and are 3x more likely to make a repeat purchase (“Frictionless Commerce,” May 21, 2020)

Mobile app development slower than perceived

A survey of technical (developers) and non-technical (marketing/product owners) teams identified gaps in seven key operational areas spanning the entire mobile app experience (MAX) lifecycle. Enterprise companies, in particular, seem to be at a time-to-value disadvantage, moving more slowly due to complexity, organizational layers and longer approval cycles.

Time is of essence when it comes to improving app user experiences. More than 90% of developers and marketers agree that waiting to get app enhancements to market significantly impacts their business. Virtually all marketers — 96% overall, 98% at enterprises —  are reliant on developers to make app improvements happen.

App improvements happening quarterly or less often

Nearly three-quarters of marketers and mobile product owners think about app enhancements at least weekly, and all (97%) agree experiences like feature walkthroughs and permission soft-prompts have a significant impact on user behaviors. Despite that, more than a third of companies (and nearly half of enterprise companies) only improve these critical onboarding experiences quarterly or less often. 

Surprisingly, marketers be …

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