Retirement Weekly: You’re never too old to learn new tech tools

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Stock Market

For many people in their 60s and up, technology is a lifeline. It’s unavoidable. You can’t ignore it. So how can retirees who aren’t particularly tech-savvy learn to upgrade their tech know-how? When they enlist family, friends and tech geeks to help, there’s no guarantee these well-intentioned teachers will show and tell so that it sinks in. Technical instructions are often hard to follow, whether in person or in books, manuals or tutorials.

Step-by-step videos with screenshots might seem like a good way to get up to speed. But seniors can grow frustrated when their screen doesn’t correspond to what they see in the video. The best approach depends on one’s learning style. Some older people prefer to work with an individual one-on-one. They listen and learn by doing—with patient coaching every step of the way.  “I feel the best way for anyone to increase their tech knowledge is with hands-on experience,” said James Bernstein, author of “Computers For Seniors Made Easy,” part of a series of books to help older people understand technology. “By ‘getting your hands dirty’ with your computer or smartphone, …

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