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by | Sep 4, 2022 | Entertainment

Internet streaming finally surpassed cable. But don’t cry for the cable companies, since, in most places, they also connect you to the internet. In fact, that’s why many people still rely on cable for entertainment, since the cable company bundles a package that includes internet access. Recent reports indicate 67 percent of people surveyed view internet-streamed entertainment versus 61 percent who said they watched via cable subscriptions.Even though streaming subscriptions tend to be expensive, they remain a better value than cable subscriptions. You only pay for what you wish to view, and you can subscribe monthly rather than locking into an annual or multiyear deal.Watching when convenient (technically known as video-on-demand) far surpasses the fixed times of showings on cable. With streaming, you always see programs and movies from the beginning no matter what time you choose to view.

I can’t afford to sample every streaming service, but my current favorite is Apple TV+. Even though we subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, we mostly view Apple. It features an exceptional number of high-quality, well-produced programs for $4.99 a month, making it one of the least-expensive streaming services. Check out “Five Days at Memorial” and “The Morning Show.” Apple offers a one-week free trial, and purchasing an Apple product often comes with a free three-month subscription. When I signed up for T-Mobile cell service, it came with a complimentary one-year s …

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