Rocksmith+ makes learning guitar fun for a newb like me

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Technology

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I do not know how to play guitar. I have, however, played games that use plastic guitars as controllers. Rocksmith+ can serve as bridge for people like me.

In Rocksmith+, out now, players can use an actual guitar to interact to learn and play a large catalog of songs. As part of a subscription service, Rocksmith+ gives users access to a library of thousands of tunes across a variety of genres, including artists like Alice Cooper, Nsync and even Mozart.

But, more importantly for a novice like me, it also comes with a suite of learning tools.

Starting from zero

If you’re completely new to guitar, like me, Rocksmith+ can teach you the basics. It offers videos tutorials on topics like guitar tuning and even on how to properly hold the instrument.

Soon, I was learning some basic chords. A video tutorial would show me where I need to place my fingers, then an on-screen lesson would begin. Here, I had to strum the chord when instructed by a note highway, similar to the UI you’d see in games like Guitar Hero. Except here, you’re playing actual strings on a real guitar.

Rocksmith+ helps you learn with a variety of tools.From these starting blocks, you can begin to learn actual songs. Once you pick a track, you can tackle it as either a beginner or a vet looking to learn the song note-for-note. For someone like me, I can play a simplified version of the track. I can even use …

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