Ron DeSantis Is Mounting An Ideological Revolution Inside Florida School Boards

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Politics

Last month, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who has transformed himself into a Donald Trump wanna-be and is widely considered a 2024 presidential contender, took the unprecedented step of endorsing school board candidates in dozens of different districts across the state. Of the 29 candidates he vouched for, 25 of them were successful or headed to run-offs — even in blue counties.DeSantis’ decision to influence the outcome of nonpartisan races in Florida’s primary is all a part of his self-described “education agenda.”While he’s counting on making public education a cornerstone in his reelection campaign against Democrat Charlie Crist, his agenda is clearly less about classroom learning or teacher pay, and more about remaking the schools into a haven for right-wing extremists.AdvertisementOf the more than two dozen school board candidates endorsed by DeSantis, many have winners tapped into the perpetually aggrieved white voter that flourished during the Trump years and solidified itself as the Republican Party’s leading ideology. “This governor has made it very clear that his intent is to push a certain ideology into our schools,” said Andrew Spar, president of the Florida Education Association.And DeSantis isn’t hiding it. “Florida’s school boards need members who will defend our students and stand up for parental rights and will ensure Florida’s children are protected from woke ideology in their classrooms,” DeSantis said at a campaign event last month. “I am proud to stand by each of them.”In Manatee County, in Central Florida, substitute teacher Richard Tatem ousted an incumbent for the district 5 seat. His campaign website reads like a checklist of right-wing talking points. Tatem is for parental rights, parental involvement and protecting girl sports ― a reference to banning transgender kids from playing sports at school. AdvertisementAnd what’s the newly-elected school board member against? Critical race theory, age-inappropriate material and masks. “Masks destroyed the classroom environment by making it a power struggle between students and staff,” the website rea …

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