Ron Johnson Thinks Court Will Respect Same-Sex Marriage Despite Roe Reversal

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said Thursday that proposed federal legislation protecting same-sex marriage is unnecessary because the Supreme Court will “never” overturn its 2015 ruling legalizing marriage equality.Johnson pointed to the principles of “stare decisis,” a judicial concept that favors the continuation of established precedent, as the reason why same-sex marriage is safe.Advertisement“I mean, stare decisis protects decisions that if they were overturned, it would disrupt people’s lives. I don’t want to disrupt people’s lives,” Johnson told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.The Supreme Court did just that in July, however, when it overturned federal abortion rights. Six conservative justices on the court voted to overrule a 50-year precedent that guaranteed a constitutional right to privacy ― the same precedent the Supreme Court relied on to legalize same-sex marriage by a 5-4 decision in 2015. One justice said the court should go even further and reexamine same-sex and interracial marriage. Johnson called the overturning of Roe v. Wade “a victory for life” and suggested that abortion should be left up to the states. The decision has had an immense impact on the nation: Most abortions are now illegal or heavily restricted in at least 12 states, with more states to come. Several GOP-led states have passed abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest. As a result, pregnant people — in some instances, girls as young as 10 years old — have been forced to travel out of state to obtain abortion services. Doctors are being advised not to offer abortion services even when a patient’s life is at risk to avoid legal consequences. AdvertisementAsked by HuffPost why he belie …

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