Sheriff’s Deputy In Shocking Colorado Shooting Was Already Being Sued For Excessive Force

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Politics

Earlier this summer, a sheriff’s deputy in Clear Creek County, Colorado, fatally shot a man who called 911 because he was having car trouble. The killing shocked Coloradans and earned a rare rebuke from Gov. Jared Polis (D). HuffPost has now learned the deputy, Andrew Buen, is being sued for excessive force over a 2019 incident where he allegedly choked a man and kneeled on his back.Last year, a federal judge allowed the excessive force lawsuit, which was reported on by local media but did not name Buen, to move forward. AdvertisementIn the suit filed in 2020, Manuel Camacho alleged that Buen and another deputy “initiated” an assault on him with two other deputies. He said the officers were “grabbing my head and choking me” before tackling him to the ground, turning his body so he was face down on the ground and kneeling on him. “Since both of these 230-pound deputies were on my back, I could not breathe, they nearly asphyxiated me short of death. I was frightened, and when I was able to catch a breath I cried out in pain and screamed for help,” Camacho said. He said the officers then took him to a chair and placed a nylon strap on his ankles so tightly that it restricted circulation to his feet.Camacho, who is seeking $407,000 in damages, also alleged the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Department failed in training the deputies involved in the incident properly. A U.S. magistrate judge recommended denying the deputies involved in the suit qualified immunity after the sheriff’s office previously filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. Qualified immunity protects officers from liability unless the person establishes the officer violated a clear constitutional right.AdvertisementBut a U.S. district judge upheld the lawsuit, saying the sheriff’s office had no argument against violating Camacho’s 14th Amendment rights, which prohibit the government from inflicting pain on a detainee who is presumed innocent.Buen was one of seven officers from five departments who arrived on the scene on June 10 after Christian Glass, 22, di …

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