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by | Sep 12, 2022 | Education

A UConn education provides its students a return on investment that’s as strong or better than many other top U.S. public universities, eclipsing most institutions against which it competes head-to-head to recruit top students, according to new data.
UConn also surpasses most of those direct competitors in measures of students’ economic mobility, which assess whether an institution is accessible to low- and moderate-income students and serves them well enough that they can climb the economic ladder.
Combined, the data from two recent independent studies present UConn as a better long-term financial choice for its students than many other institutions they might have considered, and as a place that makes those opportunities accessible to families across the economic spectrum.
A UConn education is also delivered at a good value to Connecticut taxpayers: UConn provides its high-quality education at a lower per-student cost than many other top institutions, and has kept its administrative ranks lean for more than two decades.
A UConn education provides more than $1.52 million in return on investment over a 40-year career. — Source: Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce
“UConn is delivering on its promise to promote student success, economic inclusivity, and life-transformative education. These imperatives go hand in hand,” UConn Interim President Radenka Maric says.
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