Syria seizes hummus bowls made out of crushed Captagon pills

by | Sep 6, 2022 | World

The amphetamine has become one of the most popular drugs in the Middle East, with trade valued at $5.7bn.Syrian authorities have announced that they have seized 24kg of Captagon that had been crushed and reconstituted to look like hummus bowls.
The amphetamine is produced in pill form but smugglers had crushed it and used the resulting paste to “mould pottery-like dishes coated with a brown adhesive”, the interior ministry said.
One man was arrested in Damascus and admitted his connection with the thwarted trafficking attempt, the statement said, without specifying where the shipment of fake hummus bowls was bound for.
An investigation into the case is still ongoing, the ministry added.

This video from Syria’s interior ministry is wild.
They said a drug trafficker made hummus bowls out of Captagon to transport the drug (they didn’t specify where to).
Captagon pills are produced mainly in Syria and smuggled to large consumer markets in the Gulf.
— Aya Iskandarani (@Aya_Isk) September 6, 2022

A video shared by the interior ministry’s Facebook page showed dozens of hummus bowls on a floor, with an individual taking one such bowl and peeling the brown adhesive with a knife, revealing the Captagon mould.
Captagon traffickers have in recent years found ever more imaginative places in which to conceal the drug, from fake oranges, to real hollowed-out pomegranates and pitted olives.
They have purposely manufactured various ornamental objects or construction equipment with cavities holding pills, which can only be retrieved at the other end by smashing their handiwork.
By manufacturing objects with the amphetamine powder i …

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