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by | Sep 8, 2022 | Jobs

There’s yet another reason so many people quit: because they could. The staffing shortage has left many companies at the mercy of those who work – or don’t – for them. With the labour market leaning so far in favour of the worker, it’s been easier for workers to leave one job and get another, further lessening the incentive for people to return to jobs they find undesirable. The people who used to have those jobs have replaced them with gig work, or moved to new industries, says da Motta Veiga. “They’re trying to transfer their skills into industries where actually they can be respected, well-paid and have more opportunity,” he says.Why aren’t people coming back to fill these jobs?
The epidemic of quitting throughout 2021 and into this year, known as the Great Resignation, left job openings across industries. But David Dwertmann, associate professor of management at Rutgers University School of Business, Camden, US, says it’s been difficult to re-hire workers to fill low-skill, low-wage jobs in particular, for the same reasons people left them in the first place.
He points to a Pew Research Survey that asked people who quit their jobs about their reason for leaving. Low pay was first, followed by “no opportunities for advancement” and “feeling disrespected”.
“If you’re flipping burgers or something, it’s not that easy to advance. Not everyone is going to be a manager. Many people are stuck in t …

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