The Last of Us Part 1 review: Leave a good-looking corpse

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Technology

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The question of whether a game is worth the money it costs to play is always a part of reviewing it. Each game’s artistic merits and fun factor are most important, probably because they’re the easiest to talk about in general terms. Every gamer and their wallet are different, after all. But the question of whether a game is worth its price tag (and the price tags are getting bigger) sometimes requires more focus. One such case? The Last of Us Part 1.

Gamers have questioned the value of this game since before it was officially revealed. After all, The Last of Us only debuted nine years ago, and it’s already been re-released in a “better” form once before. While it remains one of the most critically lauded games ever made, a creeping sense of whether another release was really necessary has colored its launch – especially since it launched with a $70 sticker price.

Joel and Ellie look good, if not very different, in the upgraded The Last of Us.So let’s tackle the Clicker in the room, shall we? While, again, every gamer’s needs and disposable income are different, I can break down what you’re getting for the price. I can also identify which groups of gamers are most likely to benefit from this new, glowed-up The Last of Us.

Those who need accessibility

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