The Moneyist: ‘She will sail into the sunset with my dad’s belongings’: My father died and my stepmother is moving to France. There was no memorial. What can I do?

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Stock Market

Dear Quentin, My dad passed away and his wife — my stepmother — has been ignoring all the family. I have made numerous attempts to ask questions, but I have been blocked. And her son is accusing us of just wanting our dad’s stuff. I have no money to seek advice. I don’t work because I’ve been sick.  I have tried the nice approach and I have not gotten an answer — only silence.

My stepmother is talking about moving to France, and if that happens we will be left with no answers. My dad died in France while visiting her family, and they had the funeral there. I missed out on saying goodbye. We were promised a memorial, but nothing has happened. We were also promised some of my dad’s ashes and some jewelry, but once again we have been left waiting.  I am scared that my stepmother will move and we will not hear from her again. I don’t know anything about our rights. I know she is my dad’s spouse, and so she is entitled to things. But we have nothing to remember our dad by. All I have are a couple of T-shirts that I received from my sister. If I don’t do something n …

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