Tim Cook Still Keeps this Habit He Learned from Steve Jobs. Why Every Leader Should Try It – Inc.

by | Sep 24, 2022 | Jobs

It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like to take over as CEO of Apple from its iconic founder, Steve Jobs. Obviously, in hindsight, Tim Cook has done just fine. When he took over in 2011, Apple was worth around $340 billion. Today, it’s the most valuable company on earth, with a market cap over $2.4 trillion. Obviously, Cook and Jobs are very different people and very different types of leaders. Jobs was one of the most iconic entrepreneurs ever to start a business. He’s known as the creative force behind the iMac, the iPod, the MacBook Air, and the iPhone. Each of those are products that defined their respective categories.Cook, on the other hand, is known as an operations guru who grew Apple through his ability to streamline its supply chain and squeeze massive profits out of every device the company sells. It’s a strategy that has worked, even if it looks very different than that of his predecessor.However, there is one thing the two leaders have in common. Or, more specifically, there is one habit Cook has maintained all this time that he learned from Jobs. Every Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., Cook meets with the top executives at Apple–something Jobs started. “In many ways, it’s still run the way Steve set it up,” Cook told Kara Swisher at the Code Conference earlier this month. I think there are actually two lessons here. The first is that if you lead a team, it’s your job to build a structure that sets your team up for success. Getting everyone in a room to go through the business is a good place to start.Here’s how Jobs explained it in a 2008 interview with Fortune magazine:”I want them making as good or better decisions than I would. So the way to do that is to have them know everything, not just in their part of the business, but in every part …

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