Tucker Carlson Goes After John Fetterman’s Health In Ugly Attack

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Politics

The Fox News host delivered a lengthy tirade about the Pennsylvania candidate, who had a stroke in May, days before winning the Democratic primary.Carlson argued that Fetterman would be unable to perform his duties as a senator because he’s “brain damaged” and “the guy can’t talk.” (See the video below.)After taking time off to recover, Fetterman returned to the campaign trail in August. His campaign has stated that he has lingering issues with auditory processing, a common condition in stroke survivors that can improve over time.“To be absolutely clear, the occasional issues he is having with auditory processing have no bearing on his ability to do the job as senator. John is healthy and fully capable of showing up and doing the work,” his campaign said last month.Carlson insisted “we’re not being mean,” but said of Fetterman’s speaking skills: “It’s not even worth making fun of. It’s sad. But when cognition goes, when the ability to think clearly disappears, and in his case it obviously has, what’s left? The talking points. That’s all the remains.”He also said it was shocking and insulting that the Democratic Party had not replaced Fetterman since he suffered the medical emergency.“But the Democratic Party prefers it that way. They did it with Biden. They’re trying again with Fetterman. Run a wax dummy for office! People who can’t form complete sentences apparently seem less threatening to voters.” Fetterman’s ongoing recovery has become a Republican attack point, including from his Republican opponent, TV doctor Mehmet Oz. The Democrat has pointed out the irony that a supposed medical professional was attacking someone over their health. Two sitting senators who also had strokes this year told HuffPost Wednesday they’ve been back at work since and believe Fetterman would be able to do the job too. …

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