Tucker Carlson Mocks John Fetterman’s ‘Lump’ Like A Low-Rent Comic

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Politics

Tucker Carlson took the lowest of roads on Tuesday, mocking Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman for a “lump” on the back of his neck. (Watch the video below.)The Fox News host previously poked fun at the lieutenant governor’s recovery from a stroke ― and now he’s going after Fetterman’s physical appearance.Carlson sarcastically noted that he didn’t know Fetterman “had a running mate” until he removed his hoodie to reveal a “protrusion.”“It’s a lump, but what sort of lump?” Carlson asked. “Does this lump have its own Instagram? Does it plan to run for statewide office in Pennsylvania? Don’t laugh. A party that put Joe Biden in the White House is perfectly capable of building a whole campaign around any … lump of flesh. In fact, they’re running John Fetterman, who can’t even talk. So keep your eyes on this lump. It could very well run with Kamala Harris in 2024.”Fast-forward to 25:30 for Carlson’s segment on Fetterman:This from a prime-time personality who earlier this month joked about Fetterman’s recovery from his medical emergency.“Run a wax dummy for office!” Carlson declared. “People who can’t form complete sentences apparently seem less threatening to voters.”Fetterman has been leading in polls against the Donald Trump-endorsed Republican nominee Mehmet Oz, who also has mocked Fetterman for suffering a stroke. …

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