Ukraine’s partisans won’t win war but can ‘wreak havoc’: Analysts

by | Sep 6, 2022 | World

From blowing up infrastructure and destroying arms depots, to spray-painting messages for the invading Russian forces, partisan activity is increasing in Ukraine, especially in the occupied southern parts.The Free Ukraine Resistance Movement, a citizen-led group, writes on its website: “We’ve literally ruined Putin’s plans to ruin Ukraine from inside … Even months before the full-scale invasion, [we’d] already started to mobilise and train people for all levels of resistance to defend Ukraine – military, communications, humanitarian help and diplomacy.”
Mainly active in the southern parts of the occupied Zaporizhia region and around the city of Kherson, where Ukraine is waging a counteroffensive, partisan activity has become more coordinated since the start of the war.
“The more spectacular, sophisticated, and impactful attacks in Crimea are, in my opinion, most likely a combination of special forces operations and local assistance. They strategically disrupt Russian supply lines, undermine morale, and weaken Russia’s military capabilities in the south of Ukraine and the Black Sea,” said Stefan Wolff, a professor of international security at the University of Birmingham.
Wolff noted the differences between local efforts – partisans – and attacks primarily orchestrated by Ukrainian special forces.
“Attacks on the Ukrainian mainland, for example, in the Kherson region, are more likely local efforts and have so far been aimed mostly at Russian occupation authorities and local collaborators to we …

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