Why a liberal arts education is as important as a technical education: Opinion – Courier Journal

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Education

Public universities are at a crossroads in the state of Kentucky. In these difficult financial times, we must decide what sort of education we should provide to our students. If we wish to create a true, world class, public university system we need to give our colleges liberal arts curriculum while also preparing students for a competitive twenty first century job market.  The reason we need to train more skilled workers is simple – the state’s economy requires it. Kentucky’s economy is lagging, and the state government’s limited financial resources are quickly drying up. The best way to stimulate economic growth is through the production of skilled laborers who will make it attractive for businesses to bring jobs to Kentucky. Not only does this sort of education help drive Kentucky’s unemployment rate down while driving up its average wages, but it also renews itself. If more jobs come to Kentucky, it will increase tax revenue and therefore allow the state to better fund higher education.The argument I just outlined is clear to most people. What is less obvious is how a liberal arts education is as important as a technical education. A liberal arts education broadens the mind through an interdisciplinary study of great books, history, art and music. It is intended to cultivate a level of critical thinking and self-understanding that is simply not provided in more hands-on fields.’ …

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