Why aligning customer service and IT is the key to happier customers

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Technology

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All functioning enterprises organize operations into departments with unique responsibilities and goals. IT teams focus on continuous software improvement and system reliability, while customer service teams across the aisle are working hard to keep up with evolving customer expectations and remediating user-facing issues as efficiently as possible.

While it may not be obvious on the surface, these departments share a common goal — to reduce downtime. The roles and responsibilities are different, but the shared goal remains. 

Still, at most enterprises, IT and customer service teams seldom intersect, much less collaborate. In the era of digital transformation, both teams have undergone massive technological changes in recent years, but too frequently, they continue to operate in silos. This division is exacerbated by the very tools and systems meant to help.

Siloes hurt both customer service and IT

Picture this: A customer experiences a glitch with the self-service portal on their insurance company’s website and submits a customer service ticket. An agent receives the ticket within their helpdesk system and, once they realize the issue appears to be rooted in back-end technology, navigates to a separate internal helpdesk system to create a ticket with the proper IT team. The ticket then enters a queue of incidents.

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