Why it’s crucial for healthcare orgs to align tech strategies with community needs (VB On Demand)

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Technology

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Tech innovation is a boon for healthcare delivery — but has also created a digital divide in which the marginalized are shut out of the health care system. Learn why closing the digital divide is a win for both patients and health orgs in this VB On Demand event.

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The adoption of digital tools and technologies in healthcare is surging — but while the promise of health technology is enormous, it has also only exacerbated the inequities that have always existed among underserved, marginalized, and vulnerable populations. Prioritizing healthcare technology equity (or “techquity”) is crucial, before the gap between marginalized populations and their access to healthcare grows too large.

“Access to digital tools is a huge issue across healthcare,” says Michael Thompson, chief of staff and VP for systems improvement at Bassett Healthcare. “It’s about how our patients and how our communities can gain access to the tools that are redefining health delivery. Thinking about digital inequities, and how we’re delivering care to our patients is at the forefront of some of the conversations that help us shape our strategies and our transformation activities.”

Technology has been a double-edged sword for many organizations, he adds. The advancements in technology, especially the sophistication of the data modeling and analytics tools, are continuously transforming the way care is delivered. But at the same time, every advancement requires an organization to evaluate if its internal and community infrastructures are in a position to fully support it.

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