Why Republican governors are relocating migrants across US

by | Sep 23, 2022 | World

Washington, DC, – For months, the Republican governor of Texas has been sending asylum seekers on buses to Democratic-run states – without prior warning or coordination – to draw attention to the rising number of migrants crossing into the United States through its border with Mexico.Arizona followed soon after, and more recently, the governor of Florida has joined the effort by sending some 50 migrants from Texas on planes to a wealthy island in Massachusetts. Officials say the migrants were promised jobs and financial assistance when there were none.
The Republican governors blame President Joe Biden’s immigration policies for the rise in arrivals at the border and say their campaign is necessary in order to share the burden of hosting the asylum seekers.
But with midterm elections coming up in November, migrant advocates say the move is a cruel political stunt to gain votes.
Al Jazeera looks at what is going on:
How many people have been bussed or flown across the US?
So far, more than 13,000 migrants have been affected by the Republican legislators’ campaign.
Texas says it has bussed more than 8,000 migrants to Washington, DC, and another 2,500 more to New York City since April. More than 600 migrants from Texas also have been sent to Chicago since late August, the state said.
Arizona has bussed 2,000 migrants to the nation’s capital, according to local media reports.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also took credit for flying approximately 50 migrants fr …

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