Why Wisconsin has seen so little legislative action on climate change – NPR

by | Sep 25, 2022 | Climate Change

Polls show that more than 70% of Wisconsinites are worried about climate change. Robert Kraig from Citizen Action of Wisconsin discusses political inaction about the issue.

All this hour, we’ve been talking about issues where Americans seem to agree on something, say they want something done, but nothing happens. We’re hearing from scholars and journalists who report on these issues and from you. You’ve told us about your frustrations, about issues where you don’t see progress being made despite consensus, and you wonder why. In Wisconsin, we heard about one topic in particular that has many people worried.
ROBERT KRAIG: The climate issue has really advanced as a public issue. I can give you one piece of public polling. UW-Madison, our flagship research university, did a poll last year that showed it was the top concern of Wisconsin voters, and that was not a political poll.
MARTIN: That’s Robert Kraig. He’s the executive director of Citizen Action Wisconsin. His group is working with state lawmakers to pass a climate package. Its goal is to reduce Wisconsin’s greenhouse gas emissions and create green jobs. But he also says passing it will send a message to the public.
KRAIG: And it’s frustrating on a huge issue, like the climate change issue, that the public has simply not been given the options that are out there to actually be serious and actually address th …

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