Alan Dershowitz Says He Has Warned Trump Jews Won’t Vote For Him

by | Oct 22, 2022 | Politics

Prominent attorney and Donald Trump ally Alan Dershowitz said he has told the former president several times that most Jews won’t vote for him — or any Republicans — because of their stands on human rights.Dershowitz recalled that Trump over the years has asked him a number of times: “Why don’t more Jews vote for me? I’ve been so good for Israel. I’ve been so good to the Jewish people.”Dershowitz said his answer has always essentially the same, “Jews like me admire what you did for Israel. We appreciate it. … But we can’t vote Republican, because Israel is not the only issue that we deeply care about. We’re Americans.”He pointed out to Trump that he supports same-sex marriage, a woman’s right to an abortion, work to combat climate change, gun control, and separation of church and state. These are the “issues that Republicans are not good on. They’re terrible,” Dershowitz said.Dershowitz, once considered a staunch liberal, has drifted into Trump’s camp over the years. He served on Trump’s defense team during his first impeachment trial and blasted the FBI in editorials for agents’ confiscation of documents at Mar-a-Lago in August that Trump took from the White House. …

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