Alien Worlds launches in-game DAOs

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Technology

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Alien Worlds is on top of the blockchain gaming world right now. The gaming metaverse ecosystem sports almost 8 million lifetime players, and is ranked #1 on DappRadar. Now it’s taking the next step in innovation by announcing Syndicates, its in-game DAOs.

“After more than two years of development and scaling, our in-game DAOs are ready to be run by players. This is not only critical to gameplay, since each planet is ultimately competing for supremacy, but it is also crucial to our mission: to transform the ways players are experiencing gaming, and ultimately giving them control of their own experience” said Alien Worlds’ Saro McKenna, in a statement to GamesBeat. “The DAO structure uniquely allows players to become co-owners of their planet and the system they are part of. The structure of our DAO ecosystem is incredibly empowering to our community and to anyone who adopts the DAO architecture.”

DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization. In this context, what that means is players are now able to govern their own Alien Worlds communities. They can manage and allocate the digital assets within their treasures as they see fit. Most importantly, players can collaborate and compete with each other to earn Trillium, the token of Alien Worlds.

In fact, the whole goal is earning more Trillium. Players can pledge support to a planet of their choice by staking Trillium. That e …

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