Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks to Media at Women in Energy Conference – US Embassy in Georgia

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Energy

Question about the event
Ambassador Degnan:  I’m very glad to be here today for a very important event on women in the energy sector. This is an important area because research shows that companies with more women in leadership positions are more profitable and perform better, and this is true globally.  But across the world also globally, we see that there’s a real shortage of women in the energy sector in particular. This is not unique to Georgia, this is across the globe. At a time when we are trying to shift to renewables and new ways of finding energy, it is even more important that we see gender diversity in energy companies because innovation is another area where more women in leadership positions produce greater innovation and efficiencies.
Here in Georgia where there are great opportunities for renewables and new kinds of energy sources, the US Embassy has been very, very pleased to partner with Georgia for decades on developing Georgia’s energy sector. USAID just launched a 16 million energy independence project last year and this is aimed at helping Georgia develop its renewables – clean and climate-friendly energy sources.  So, combining the need for more women in the energy sector at a time when we need more innovation and more creativity in finding renewables and clean energy sources – this is why this meeting today is so important.  To start talking about how to improve the performance, the effici …

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