Arizona Secretary Of State Sends Voter Intimidation Report To DOJ

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Politics

The office of the Arizona secretary of state has referred a report of voter intimidation to the state’s attorney general’s office and the U.S. Department of Justice.A voter claimed to have been “approached and followed by a group of individuals” while trying to drop off a ballot at an early-voting drop box Monday, according to the office. Local outlet ABC15 first reported the complaint Wednesday, and a Justice Department spokesperson confirmed to HuffPost that the DOJ had received the referral.AdvertisementThe report came from Maricopa County, Arizona ― home to Phoenix and the majority of the state’s residents ― and, specifically, a drop box outside the Juvenile Justice Center in the city of Mesa.The report follows months of growing conspiracy theories fostered by the movie “2000 Mules,” which alleges, without evidence, that a network of thousands of “mules” ― slang for people thought to be “harvesting” or “trafficking” ballots illegally ― swung the 2020 election by working with unidentified left-wing groups to smuggle fraudulent votes for Joe Biden into the official count via drop boxes. The film has been endorsed by major Republican politicians and has inspired vigilante drop-box “stakeouts” across the country.It wasn’t immediately clear who was behind the alleged intimidation in Mesa. But a right-wing group, Clean Elections USA, has had teams of people actively monitoring drop boxes in Arizona for several days.“We are actually making a difference,” the group’s founder, Melody Jennings, told former top Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon on Monday. “We are actually seeing mules be intimidated from doing their thievery. We’re not intimidating voters. But the mules do not want to be caught on film, and that’s what we’re doing. We’re catching them on telescopic film. We can zoom right in. We can get your face. So we’ve got you.”AdvertisementDuring a separate appearance on Bannon’s show this week, Jennings claimed that her group has “thousands” of volunteers, and that they are “geotracking” people they suspect of breaking the law.Jennings told HuffPost that “the individual everyone is referring to [in Maricopa County] is not in any way associated with Clean Elections USA and never has been. It was an individual, not a group.”“Anyone who does not follow the law at a drop box site is instantly disassociated with Clean Elections USA,” she wrote Thursday in a statement on Truth Social. “This individual who the press are zeroing in on was never a part of CEUSA. Every person who does volunteer with CEUSA is responsible for their own actions.”For days, Jennings has posted photos of apparent drop-box surveillance efforts, updating her online followers on her group’s wo …

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