: As food prices rise, this Detroit mother is forced to choose between paying her energy bill or buying groceries

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Stock Market

Tramena ONeil, 50, is making changes to her food budget to accommodate the rise in food prices. The mother of five works as a part-time parent outreach coordinator for Southeast High School in Detroit, and has a 17-year-old son still at home. “I have to do what I have to do for my last child. His siblings never went hungry,” ONeil told MarketWatch. 

However, surging inflation, especially in the grocery aisle, has made that harder. She already cut back on red meat and changed her eating habits for health reasons, including high blood pressure. Changing again, under economic pressure, feels like an extra burden. “I just can’t see myself and my son changing our whole eating habits again, just so that we can have enough food in the house,” she said.  Food inflation rose 0.8% in September, which makes food items 11.2% more expensive than a year ago, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s among the highest levels since 1979.  The price increase for food-at-home items was 13% in September compared to the previous year, rising 0.7% on the month. Dining out was 8.5% more expensive than last year, up 0.9% on the month.  And food isn’t the only expense hitting some households hard. The rise in the cost of living was 8.2% in September compared to a year ago, among the highest l …

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