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by | Oct 11, 2022 | Energy

If you haven’t noticed it already, you should expect to see your energy bills increase as we head into winter. The U.S. Department of Energy says electricity nationwide is increasing, but it’s the natural gas portion of your bill that will show the largest jump.A local energy consultant says we can expect to see those prices stay high for a while to come, too.”Electricity and natural gas are both getting more expensive,” says Jeff Wedgeworth, a technical manager with One Energy Analytics, an energy advisory group. “Folks with natural gas are certainly seeing that to a higher degree.”Wedgeworth describes the energy pricing situation as complicated. In the past, prices might spike because of a one-off event like a natural disaster — he notes most of our natural gas now comes from the Appalachian region rather than Texas, which is more prone to weather-related price spikes — or “OPEC posturing.” Now you also have to factor in supply chain issues and labor shortages. That’s all being felt most dramatically in natural gas prices, which are driving your rapidly increasing energy bill.”We are increasingly dependent on natural gas, and natural gas over the past 15 (to) 20 years has really become a global commodity,” he explains. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it worse.”Coming out of the pandemic, demand for natural gas dropped and the price followed,” Wedgeworth says …

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