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by | Oct 18, 2022 | Education

Graduate student Terrance King says his goal is to make an impact in the special education field and its classrooms. King, who recently completed his Ph.D. coursework, is instructing a graduate seminar in teaching in the School of Education.

At her confirmation hearing, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson spoke about perseverance—a theme that resonates with the Rev. Terrance Antwon King, a graduate student passionate about working with students with disabilities. King recently completed his coursework for a Ph.D. in special education and is finishing his work on a certificate of advanced study in educational leadership through Syracuse University’s School of Education. His goal is to make an impact in the special education field and its classrooms.“I think it’s important to persevere through life’s ups and downs. These last two years have affirmed my personal strength while navigating and persevering all that I have on my plate academically and personally,” King says.That’s certainly been the theme throughout King’s life.Born in the Bronx, New York, King is the first person in his family to receive both a bachelor’s degree (in sociology from Le Moyne College) and a master’s degree (in education with dual certification in general and special education from Metropolitan College of New York). While King once thought of becoming a doctor, his dreams of earning a medical degree shifted. As he watched his godmother care for people with disabilities, he started entertaining a career in teaching. “I saw the love and the light in her eyes while serving them,” he says.The passion his godmother had resonated with King who started working in the nonprofit sector and eventually led him to where he is today. “I think everybody plays a role in special education,” he says. “We all have individual ways of learning, understanding and retaining information.”

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