Brett Arends’s ROI: Halloween: It’s the best time of the year to buy stocks

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Stock Market

I once got some excellent investing advice around Halloween from a fortuneteller in Salem, Massachusetts. “Are you prepared in your life to take on more risk?” he asked over a table of magic crystals, after I’d flipped over some tarot cards. “Do you have the information you need? Do you understand what you control, and what you don’t?”

His advice was to steer clear of taking on more risk right then—which turned out to be an excellent tip, as the stock market promptly plunged. Whether or not the timing was lucky, I reflected at the time that those were pretty smart questions generally. And they only cost me $10, as opposed to the hefty fees you’ll pay on the street of shame for serial underperformance. No wonder Warren Buffett says stock market analysts make fortunetellers look good. Meanwhile, ghosts and ghouls stalk the stock market this October, yet again. Halloween is so often the scariest time of year for investors, who must look at the gyrating Dow Jones Industrial Average and ask themselves: Trick or treat? So it’s worth revisiting this weird, spooky and inexplicable paranormal fact: Halloween is the best time of the year to buy stocks. According to financial research, most or all of the stock market’s long-t …

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