: Cadre plans to lower minimum investments in proposed REIT fund to reach retail investors for the first time

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Stock Market

Cadre, the financial technology company focused on real-estate investing, is launching the Cadre Horizon Fund with minimum investments as low as about $1,000 when it becomes registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a real-estate investment fund (REIT), MarketWatch has learned. With the benefit of crowdfunding regulations established in the 2012 JOBS Act as well as its proprietary technology platform, the Cadre Horizon Fund is expected to be registered in 2023 as a 40 Act real-estate investment fund. The term 40 Act fund refers to pooled investment vehicles by a registered investment company under the 1940 Investment Companies Act. 

The fund is currently available to accredited investors. Once it’s registered as a REIT it’ll also be open to non-accredited investors. About 50% of Cadre Horizon Fund will focus on multi-family apartments to provide steady, dividend-like returns. It’s a sector that has performed well in upturns and downturns. The fund will be blended with investments in warehouses and industrial spaces for storage, with potential opportunities emerging down th …

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