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by | Oct 31, 2022 | Energy

Drilling rig on site of the IDDP (source: IDDP/ HS Orka)

The Clean Air Task Force has published a detailed report on the potential, initiatives, challenges of extracting geothermal energy from superhot rock systems.

The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) has published a report highlighting the potential of superhot rock energy as a form of advanced geothermal energy that is cost-competitive, sustainable, and available virtually anywhere on the Earth. The full report, titled “Superhot Rock Energy: A Vision for Firm, Global Zero-Carbon Energy” is available via this link.
Superhot rock systems and their benefits
Superhot rock energy refers to geothermal energy harnessed from deeper, hotter dry rock systems with temperatures of over 400 degrees Celsius. These systems can supply about five to ten times more energy per well compared to conventional hydrothermal systems. Moreover, being able to drill into superhot rock systems can make geothermal energy available nearly anywhere in the world.
To harness the energy from superhot rock systems, water will be injected through deep injection wells which will then circulate through hard crystalline basement rock. The water will be heated within the subsurface fracture systems before it circulates back to the surface via production wells.
Superhot water is highly energy-dense because the water turns into “supercritical” fluid at very high temperatures and pressures. At this state, the fluid ca …

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