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by | Oct 16, 2022 | Entertainment

An email was sent out to downtown business operators in the afternoon of Friday, October 13, sharing updates from City Hall pertaining to updates in the Downtown Entertainment Area regulation policies. Policies that we’ve been telling you were coming all through the summer.

The mayor’s office is shifting the landscape in Orlando’s downtown core away from the clubs and nightlife and towards a more family-friendly neighborhood-style district. One with more retail, more public parks, wider sidewalks, and hopefully, less crime.
To do that, they’ll be tightening the red tape to restrain “bad actors” and make downtown a less hospitable place for them to do business, before sending them on their way downstream to the Main Streets. Some of the changes, as you’ll read below, include requiring businesses open past midnight to identify and register a “Responsible Person(s) with the Code Enforcement Division to remain on-site during all operations while a business is open as well as more formal Noise controls, and requiring businesses to clean around their building by 4 a.m. each morning before going home.
The following update was shared by a City Planning Division staff member.
ORDINANCE NO. 2022-46, REGULATION OF LATE-NIGHT USES WITHIN THE DOWNTOWN ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICTOn September 26, 2022, the Orlando City Council voted to approve Ordinance No. 2022-46 regarding the regulation of late-night uses, surface parking, and noise reduction within the Downtown Entertainment Area. The following are new requirements for businesses within the Downtown Entertainment Area, which may in …

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