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by | Oct 12, 2022 | Energy

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) conducted its annual multi-agency State of Climate Services report focusing on energy this year. The report, collated from 26 different organizations, concluded that electricity supply from clean energy sources will have to at least double by 2030 to limit warming that will disrupt and jeopardize energy security globally.
“The energy sector is the source of around three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to clean forms of energy generation, such as solar, wind, and hydropower – and improving energy efficiency – is vital if we are to thrive in the twenty-first century. Net zero by 2050 is the aim. But we will only get there if we double the supply of low-emissions electricity within the next eight years,” said WMO Secretary-General Prof Petteri Taalas in the press release.
Currently, less than half of the climate actions that countries have submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change emphasized the energy sector transition. Renewable energy source contributions need to double by 2030 to help alleviate water stresses, a source that fossil fuel and nuclear power plants require to generate electricity, and reduce severe weather events driven by global warming that cause electrical grid disruptions.

Image source: World Meteorological Organization 2022 State of Climate Services
Based on current pledges, there is a 70% gap in the emissions reductions nee …

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