COP27: Your Guide to the 2022 Climate Change Conference in Egypt – The Nature Conservancy

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Climate Change

Nature is also a powerful ally in our adaptation efforts. Habitats like coral reefs, mangroves and wetlands greatly reduce the force of storms, floods and erosion, helping protect coastal communities. Making space for nature within cities can reduce dangerous heatwaves and soak up flood waters. And investing in nature leads to cleaner air and water, healthier soils on our agricultural lands, and many other benefits for people and wildlife.Yet nature-based solutions receive less than 10% percent of all climate funding. As countries update their climate plans, TNC staff will be at the forefront of negotiations with government and business leaders to advocate for natural climate solutions and offering our scientific expertise to help put those solutions into action. We’ll also be working to ensure Indigenous and local community voices are heard, as these are the people who know best how to work with nature on their communities.

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