DALL-E 2 coming to Microsoft’s Azure AI, by invitation

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Technology

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DALL-E 2 is coming to Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service by invitation, allowing select Azure AI customers to generate custom images using text or images. The company made the announcement today at Microsoft Ignite 2022, a conference for developers and IT professionals.

“Mattel is actually already using this for their Hot Wheels cars,” said John Montgomery, corporate vice president for Microsoft’s Azure AI platform. “Designers can actually give it prompts and quickly get ideas and tweak modifications.”

A Microsoft blog post gave an example of Mattel designers typing in a prompt such as “a scale model of a classic car” and DALL-E 2 will generate an image of a toy vintage car, perhaps silver in color and with whitewall tires. Then, the designer could erase the top of the car and type, “Make it a convertible” and DALL-E 2 will update the image of the car as a convertible, and then tweak it to add “pink top.”

In the blog post, Carrie Buse, director of product design at Mattel Future Lab, said she sees artificial intelligence (AI) technology such as DALL-E 2 as a tool to help designers generate more ideas.

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“Ultimately, quality is the most important thing,” she noted. “But sometimes quantity can help you find the quality.”

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